A fresh look for your property

Renovation assistance and Home staging

Are you a property owner in Grimentz and would you like to do it up?

To help holidaymakers feel at home, Immobilia-Grimentz will help you with your renovations.

Renovation Bois

Minor repairs, interior decoration, upgrading safety and accessibility standards: our local craftsmen will take care of your chalet or apartment. A warm, comfortable space can be achieved in a short space of time with a few small changes, all for a reasonable price and with quality assured from the local businesses.

Our objective:

To improve the comfort of your future tenants so that they come back year after year, or even better, so that they spread the word.

Thanks to home staging, your apartment will have style, be functional and increase in value. Investment is easily compensated by the increase in bookings.

Ready to improve your occupancy rate?

Let us organise the renovation of your rental property in Grimentz, our experts will take care of everything for you.


How we can help you with home staging:
d'un homestaging

Analysis and advice about what you need and want
Determining the work
Contact with local craftsmen and quote enquiries
Selection and coordination of local craftsmen
Advice on choice of materials and fittings
Monitoring the work
Overall administrative management

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